Multi-Tasking Tenders

Ray-Man Charger II Tender


Charger II Fertilizer Tenders, Ray-Man

Ray-Man offers three different discharge styles. The CHII-SF (pictured) is a traditional, side-discharge tender, while the CHII-FB overhead discharge tender can rotate 270 degrees. The CHII-CB can be used to transfer fertilizer or grain and is gentle enough to handle seed. Ray-Man offers two grades of stainless steel, split compartments, full-length top catwalks, as well as manual or electric roll tarps. Charger II truck mount tenders are built from 12 to 24 feet with multiple compartments. The full-length hopper sub-frame keeps the cones at their full 40-degree angle to ensure maximum cleanout and to keep operators safely on the ground. Charger II semi-trailer tenders are available 30 feet long with five compartments; 36 feet with six compartments; or 42 feet with seven compartments. The integral trailer framework utilizes the hopper sub-frame, tubular steel “X” bracing, and the main frame rails to achieve a superior strength to weight ratio.

Nurse Unit, Precision Tank & Equipment

PT&E Nurse Tank

Precision Tank & Equipment’s nurse units can be equipped with various options, including a choice of pump drives, removable spargers, sumps, ladder and a mild steel or stainless steel tank skid. They have payload capacities of up to 4,200 gallons — with a single or multiple compartment tank — and can be mounted on either a wagon or chassis.

Hays Tender, Hays Liquid Transport

Hays Tender

Designed to be user-friendly, the Hays Tender has hydraulic operated main doors and clean-out doors, hydraulic vibrators, front and rear ladders, and an easy-to-use tarp system. The unit was engineered for easy upkeep as well, with covered hydraulic hoses, a covered air tank, and stainless steel augers and bearings. Trailer weight allows for maximum payload. At refurbishing time, the unit is easy to disassemble and reassemble thanks to an integrated hopper cradle and trailer assembly.

The Quickveyor, Peterson Motors Co.

Peterson Quickveyor

The Quickveyor was invented to help progressive farming operations and coops save time and reduce spillage when transporting and offloading seed and fertilizer. Proudly built in the U.S., the Quickveyor has the fastest rate of delivery of up to 2.8 tons per minute — twice the speed of similar equipment, says Peterson Motors. The unit has a capacity of up to 27 tons, it’s corrosion resistant, and it has great ground clearance and a smooth spring ride. Affordable, customized options done in-house can include three or four internal compartments, air-ride suspension, electric roll tarp cover (with remote) and vibrators.

19-Ton Nurse Box, Barber Engineering

Barber 19 Ton Tender

Barber Nurse Boxes are now available in capacities ranging from 4 to 25 tons with both side and rear discharge available (pictured here is the 19-Ton Nurse Box). They provide easy handling of fertilizer, grain, and seed, and popular features include a mild (powder coated finish) or stainless steel welded design and frame, flatbed or trailer mount depending on the model. The hopper is manufactured with 12-gauge mild or 304 stainless steel. The drive system features truck hydraulics or, depending on the model, a self contained hydraulic system including a 15-, 18- or 30-HP gas engine, oil tank and battery.

24 FT Trailer Tender, Doyle Equipment Manufacturing

Doyle 24 FT Trailer Tender

The Doyle 24 FT Trailer Tender was designed for efficiency and ease of operation. Its modular, multi-hopper design allows the company to customize units, whether the buyer needs the standard three 258-cubic foot bins, or the optional six 129-cubic foot bins, or any combination in between. Bins are constructed of 12 gauge, 409 stainless steel (powder coated) and have a 40 degree side slope. Hydraulically operated, the side discharge auger consists of a 10-foot stainless steel tube with stainless steel flighting.

25-Ton Dry Tender, The KBH Corp.

KBH Corp. 25-Ton Dry Tender

The KBH Corp. is now offering several new features for its 25-ton dry tender, including hydraulic clean-out doors, a remote greasing station, stainless steel rear axle cover and an Agri-Cover SRT spring-coil assist roll tarp. Hoppers are made of 14 gauge 304 stainless steel. The standard 32-foot trailer has a capacity of 70,000 pounds and offers safe, light and easy maneuverability. Trailers from 32 to 42 feet are available with either rear- or side-discharge.

16 FT Truck Tender, Doyle Equipment Manufacturing

Doyle 16 FT Tender

Doyle’s 16 FT side discharge truck mounted tender features four modular compartments (129 cubic feet each) in 12 gauge 409 stainless steel, powder coated white. Hoppers have a 40 degree slope. Hydraulically raised and lowered, the 19-foot auger reaches a 14-foot discharge height, with a 1.75 ton-per-minute discharge rate. The main frame is made of heavy duty mild steel square tubing with mild steel “boxed” support arm and cross braces.

RDT-24 Tender Trailer, Chandler Equipment

Chandler Equipment RDT-24 Tender Trailer

Chandler has redesigned its rear discharge tender trailer, increasing the capacity from 20 to 24 tons. Engineers added a Deutz diesel engine and made standard a number of features that were previously purchased options, including vibrators on each hopper and hydraulic gates.

16-Ton Side-Shooting Tender, Willmar/AGCO Corp.

Willmar SideShooter Tender

Willmar/AGCO’s 16-ton side-shooting tender can be truck mounted and move up to two tons of material per minute. Designed with four hopper compartments, it can carry a variety of material. The steep, 40-degree, sloped sides provide quick material dispensing and complete clean-out. Additional features include a powerful hydraulic drive and built-in, rear-mounted ladder.

The Tailer, Simonsen Industries/Owen Industries

Simonsen Tailer Tender

New from Simonsen and Owen Industries, the Tailer is a multi-purpose top auger tender/grain trailer. The Tailer is designed for year-round use, as a grain trailer or as a fertilizer tender during the spreading season. It features a 10 X 13 X 10 auger system, 304 stainless steel tubes, 409 stainless steel flighting, a heavy hydraulic dual circuit system and a 20-foot delivery auger with 180-degree rotation. The Tailer utilizes a new 40-foot aluminum Neville grain trailer as the foundation for the unit. The best feature of all: The patent-pending hopper slide gate design allows the auger system to remain in place and does not obstruct normal pit dumping operations when unloading grain.

M3-SA Trailer Tender, Adams Fertilizer Equipment

Adams M3-SA Tender

Adams has released the M3-SA, a 24-ton Side Auger Tender Trailer. It features a new three-hopper module design with each of the compartments carrying eight tons — and a total unit capacity of 870 cubic feet. Hoppers are made of 304 stainless steel and offer large, easy-slide hydraulic doors as well as hydraulic dump cleanout doors. The tender has a 60 HP, air-cooled Deutz diesel engine and an easy-access mounted sealed electric control panel with push-button start and easy-read gauges. It rides on a 32-foot Magnolia DOT trailer.

BFT Series Tenders, Simonsen Industries

Simonsen BFT Tender

Simonsen’s BFT tenders are available in either side delivery or top auger models and come in 16-foot (two hoppers), 18-foot (three hoppers) or 24-foot (three or four hoppers) lengths. The number of hoppers is for a standard body, and optional splits are available for all. Capacities range from approximately 16 tons for the smaller unit to just over 27 tons for the largest rig. Optional 6-inch higher sides are also available.

MAC-VAC, MAC Trailer Manufacturing

MAC-VAC Tender

MAC Trailer is proud to have entered into the liquid transport trailer market with the MAC-VAC, a 6,300-gallon aluminum workhorse. The MAC-VAC features all aluminum construction with a galvanized bumper, tow hook and upper coupler. A full length walkway and easy access ladder with double hand rails add to operator safety and comfort. Dual hose trays, five man ways, and a rear sight tube are all part of the standard equipment package.

Deuce 1000, Circle K Manufacturing Co.

Circle K Deuce Anhydrous Tank Trailer

The Deuce 1000, Circle K’s most popular anhydrous tank trailer, accommodates two 1,000-gallon tanks. Its heavy duty frame allows mounting of tanks with leg dimensions of 99 inches to 129 inches in length. The company says this is a great improvement because most older tanks do not have a standard leg spacing. Several new improvements for this season include a torsion axle option, a new neck design allowing better operator access to plumbing, and fender options. Circle K manufactures anhydrous tank trailers to accommodate a variety of tank sizes from double 1,000- and 1,500- gallon tanks, to a single 3,000-gallon tank.

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