Upgrades to 2018 Apache Sprayers Improve Operation, Increase Durability

Following the well-received boom and precision upgrades of the 2017 sprayer models, the 2018 model year Apache Sprayers impress with a list of enhancements designed to improve operations, bolster durability and take precision application to the next level.


Standard Apache Sprayers now feature a new display and advanced Raven precision technology options, Tier 4 Final engines, a universal entry ladder for all models, a fill station with a bigger screen size and improved stability for 100-foot Pommier booms.

The updated Grayhill display uses a rugged design tested for extreme environments. The scratch-resistant and anti-glare screen is optically bonded to the LCD display for superior mechanical and visual performance. Users will enjoy the intuitive touch/swipe technology and the ability to navigate the screens with gloved or bare hands.

The 2018 model year Apache Sprayer continues the trend from previous years with a focus on application performance advancements. Operators will now be able to utilize Raven Viper® 4+ with PWM product pump control for improved application rates, Raven 600S GPS antenna, high performance dual-frequency receivers and more. All 100-ft. Pommier boom models have also incorporated a blocker valve and five eye sensors for better boom stability.

“We’ve had a significant interest in international markets as research continues to show the enormous potential that self-propelled sprayers can bring to an operation,” said Matt Hays, CEO of Equipment Technologies. “Buyers are comparing features, ease of use, warranty, durability, cost of operation and return on investment, and they’re finding that Apache has the competition beat. The 2018 model year Apache Sprayers maintain our ongoing goal of self-improvement and we know current and future Apache owners will reap the benefits from these advancements.”

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