Syngenta Expands AgriEdge Excelsior Nationwide For 2015

Growers across the country can now take the guesswork out of improving their farm’s production, land value, farm stewardship and profitability, as Syngenta has expanded its AgriEdge Excelsior program nationwide this year. For more than a decade, AgriEdge Excelsior has helped growers simplify the complexities of 21st century farming within the Southern and Western regions of the U.S.


“As modern agriculture evolves, new challenges arise for growers to navigate,” said Steve Gomme, national AgriEdge manager for Syngenta. “From the questions of ‘big data’ technology to the changing demands of the value chain, growers need flexible tools and value-added services to succeed in this new era. The solution: AgriEdge Excelsior.”

The program is designed through the eyes of the grower and focuses on the needs of the whole farm, and not just one crop. A combination of total-farm management with record-keeping software and personalized, on-farm support, AgriEdge Excelsior enables growers to maximize their profit potential and helps improve the collaborative relationship they have with their suppliers, the value chain and Syngenta.

“The program started out as a small, regional initiative in the South with only 6,000 acres of cotton,” said Darren Fehr, Syngenta AgriEdge Excelsior manager for the recently expanded territory. “Thanks to our committed growers, we are now available as a whole-farm management solution that operates in many parts of the U.S.”

With the help of its reseller partners, Syngenta provides a very broad portfolio of products and solutions that allow growers the flexibility to do what makes sense agronomically and economically within their operations, through unparalleled on-farm support.

“The significance of the on-farm service, in collaboration with our reseller partners, formed through the program, cannot be overstated,” said Gomme. “Our team of specialists builds long-term relationships and a foundation of trust with growers, allowing us to better understand their needs.”

Through AgriEdge Excelsior, growers can improve their crop quality and yield, while continuing to operate in a sustainable way for future generations. “The AgriEdge Excelsior team stands ready to expand to Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota,” said Fehr. “After building upon our success with AgriEdge Excelsior for over 10 years, we are happy to provide the program to growers nationwide and continue meeting the needs of growers in a rapidly changing environment.”

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