H.J. Baker Launches New Nutrient Calculator App

H.J. Baker, a global agriculture firm, has launched a new agronomic nutrient calculator app. This innovative and powerful tool will allow farmers to plan precise sulphur fertilizer and micronutrient applications to meet soil nutrient needs and maximize yields.


Successful producers know sulphur and micronutrient deficiencies prevent maximum crop response. The challenge is identifying the deficiency and then knowing the precise amount of fertilizer to apply to maximize crop yields. The new agronomic nutrient calculator eliminates the guesswork. It allows the producer to select a crop and a desired yield for that crop. The calculator will determine the amount of vital crop nutrients needed to maximize the yield and which Tiger-Sul fertilizer and micronutrients products should be used. It covers all key crops; including corn, canola and soybeans. In addition, the app contains complete product line for all Tiger-Sul products and contact information.

Tiger-Sul previous Nutrient Calculator App was rated one of the top 10 agriculture apps by CropLife Magazine.

Key features of the Nutrient Calculator include:

  • Tiger Calculator: farmers enter their crop and amount of desired yield. The app will calculate amount of fertilizer and micronutrients needed based on Tiger-Sul’s fertilizer and micronutrient products.
  • Nutrient Removal Calculator: this advanced calculator will determine the amount of nutrients absorbed, by crop. It will show the name and amount that will be removed from the soil and covers all macro, secondary and micronutrients.
  • Nutrient Deficiency Image Library: A collection of images by crop divided into three categories: primary, secondary and micro. This will allow the producer to select the image that most closely matches their crop. The image will contain information about any nutrient deficiency and the appropriate fertilizer and micronutrient application.
  • Languages: Tiger-Sul’s Nutrient Calculator is available in four languages so that customers worldwide can take advantage of its innovative and powerful tools: English, Chinese-Mandarin, Spanish and Portuguese.

Don Cherry, President of H.J. Baker’s Crop performance Group, stated: “We are constantly developing products and tools that will meet the needs of tomorrow’s farmers. Our next generation calculator is a key tool to adhere to the 4R initiative. It allows the farmer to put down the right fertilizer at the right rate in the right place at the right time. This is good for the environment and helps the farmer earn more through greater yield in his crops.”

The app is available at Apple’s App Store and Google Play for Android users.

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I do not have a phone that will download this, but would like to download to my laptop, can I ?