ShowStopper 2018: Another C Series Product Earns AGCO a Top MAGIE Award

ShowStopper 2018: Another C Series Product Earns AGCO a Top MAGIE Award


AGCO Marketing Manager Mark Mohr (center) receives the MAGIE Showstopper Award from CropLife Iron® magazine Editor Eric Sfiligoj and Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association President Jean Payne.


Although many companies strive for “A-plus” product offerings, AGCO Corp. has found a winning formula for its lineup by embracing a “C” mentality. At the annual Midwest AG Industries Exposition (MAGIE) show in August, the company earned the ShowStopper Award from show sponsor Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association (IFCA) and CropLife IRON magazine for its newly launched TerraGator C Series. One year earlier AGCO’s RoGator C Series was named the ShowStopper Award winner, making the company a repeat champion.

“It’s great to be recognized by the attendees of MAGIE for all the hard work our company has put into remaking the TerraGator C Series for the agricultural market,” Mark Mohr, Marketing Manager for AGCO, said. “This means so very much to all the people who made this product a reality for our customers.”


TerraGator C-Series

The TerraGator C Series consists of three three-wheel models — the TG7300C, TG8300C, and TG9300C — and one four-wheel model, the TG8400C. Each is equipped with an AGCO Power engine, which the company says consumes 8% less fuel than previous models.

Liquid, Dry Options

All TerraGator C Series models can be fitted with AGCO’s new liquid system and one of six dry application systems. For liquid needs, the boom features a wider inner-boom cross section and structural members, larger 1.75-inch boom pins, and enhanced mid-boom fold and tip breakaway structures. These are available in 80- and 60/80-foot fold-over options, allowing operators to cover 82.5 feet at 30-inch nozzle spacing or 85 feet with 60-inch nozzle spacing. The boom tree is built with 4X4 tube construction.

As for the dry options, there are six options for customers to pick from. The NL4500 Edge and NL5000 from New Leader are boundary-spread and section control capable, respectively, allowing users to deliver crop nutrients over the field in fewer trips, AGCO says. Both of these are also available in MultApplier-ready or MultApplier-complete to apply one, two, or four products. The AirMax Precision is a single-bin system that features 70-foot booms with triple-overlap coverage. The AirMax Precision 2 with available granular bin can apply two or three products at once. The Soilection Twin Bin is an open, free-flowing two-bin system. The Soilection Four Bin is another option.

“AGCO has apparently been able to impress the attendees here at MAGIE for two years in a row now with the upgrades to its long-standing RoGator and TerraGator lines,” Eric Sfiligoj, Editor of CropLife and CropLife IRON magazines, said upon presenting the ShowStopper Award. “It will be interesting to watch how the rest of the agricultural marketplace responds to the new C Series offerings in the months and years ahead.”

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