Greenleaf Technologies Introduces New easyFlow Closed Transfer System


A worker uses the new easyFlow Closed Transfer System from Greenleaf Technologies to transfer a pesticide from a 2.5 gallon plant protection product (PPP) container into a spray tank.

Greenleaf Technologies has announced the launch of its new easyFlow closed transfer system for the North American market. Designed to meet strict European environmental standards, the new easyFlow system meets or exceeds all current guidelines for Tier 1 and Tier 2 agricultural closed transfer systems established by the U.S. EPA and California Department of Pesticide Regulation.


“The easyFlow system is the first closed, contamination-proof and self-cleaning transfer system for liquid crop protection products from sealed or non-sealed plant protection product (PPP) containers, enabling the user to do partial or complete dosing,” stated Will Smart, owner of Greenleaf Technologies. “Not only is safety improved with easyFlow, but PPP container cleaning can be performed as soon as the chemical is transferred, thus improving the efficiency of the entire process.”

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In comparison to previous systems, easyFlow combines the following advantages into one compact system:

  • A no-spill connection with the highest standards of user and environmental safety
  • Built-in backflow prevention to prevent fresh water contamination
  • Continuously adjustable flow rates, allowing for precise transfer of partial container volumes
  • Rinsing of accessible parts connected to the PPP after partial dosing
  • Fast and complete rinsing of empty PPP containers
  • No more contamination and cleaning of measuring jugs
  • Easy installation on all sprayer tanks and on most chemical inductors

“The easyFlow system is a giant leap forward in the handling and mixing of liquid plant protection products,” Smart noted. “It’s a proven system designed to make PPP application faster, safer and easier, and we’re proud that Greenleaf Technologies can offer it to the North American market.”

To learn more about the new easyFlow Closed Transfer System and other Greenleaf Technologies products, please visit or call 800-881-4832.