It’s Show Time!

This week, the annual Midwest AG Industries Exposition (MAGIE) takes place in Bloomington, IL. For ag retailers and their equipment suppliers, this is the summer show equivalent of Mecca. From the early indications, this year’s gathering should be well attended.

While the past two MAGIE shows have been somewhat reserved as economic conditions became uncertain during the Great Recession, the 2010 edition should have plenty for everyone to see. There are several new pieces of equipment making their debuts at the show including products from AGCO and GVM. In other cases, exhibitors such as A.J. Sackett will be bringing working products to the event for the first time. And there will be several new exhibitors on hand as well.


With all this new equipment showing up, I’m sure my job at the show will be especially difficult. For the past three years, CropLife IRON has partnered with MAGIE show organizer the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association (IFCA) to present the ShowStopper Award. This stop sign-shaped trophy goes to the one product at MAGIE that literally stops people in their tracks to take a closer look. The winner of this honor is determined through a combination of booth traffic, attendee buzz and folks grabbing me as I walk by, asking if I’ve seen “it.”

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Good luck to all the exhibitors in taking home this prize!

IFCA President Jean Payne described what makes MAGIE special in a recent letter that appeared in CropLife IRON. “MAGIE is unique because it’s designed for ag retailers – the people who not only find a way to supply the inputs, but to professionally apply them and to troubleshoot agronomic issues for growers year-round.”

I totally agree. I hope to see you all in Bloomington later this week for a wonderful, informative time!