GSI Updates Willmar Sideshooter Tender

GSI is introducing new features for its Willmar Sideshooter tender models for 2018. These upgrades are the first phase of ongoing improvements to enhance the quality and performance of the Willmar product lineup.


“These are the first new features being offered for Willmar products in recent years,” said Nate Reznechek, Sales Director for Fertilizer & Willmar” for GSI, which produces and markets Willmar tenders and spreaders. “Based on customer feedback, we are implementing key product enhancements that are important to promote increased efficiency and safety.”

New Willmar Sideshooter features debuting in 2018 include:

  • Increased discharge height for the 17-foot auger, from 14 feet, one inch to 16 feet, 7 inches, to provide better clearance, especially for uneven field conditions.
  • A new cleanout port on the auger side of the hopper, providing ground level access for improved safety and convenience.
  • An easy-to-install and maintain vibrator for improved flow of product through the discharge auger, plus access controls conveniently located next to the auger controls. Vibrators can also be easily retrofitted to existing Sideshooter models.
  • A new auger cradle to better withstand stress and improve equipment life.

Willmar products includes a broad range of fertilizer pull spreaders and mounted tenders known for their reliability, accurate spread patterns, versatility and overall quality.