AGCO Recasts Vision to Underscore Its Commitment to Providing Sustainable High-Tech Solutions

AGCO has announced it is highlighting its commitment to bringing farmers sustainable high-tech solutions by relaunching its vision.


“Our new vision — Sustainable high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world — better represents our thoughtful approach to helping our farmers and our business continually find better and more sustainable ways to raise the food people need, all around the world,” said Martin Richenhagen, President and Chief Executive Officer of AGCO Corporation. “As the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of Earth Day last month, we felt it was the right time to stress the importance of sustainability in our company’s vision.”

Agriculture is one of the most essential industries in the world. As the population grows to a projected 10 billion people by 2050, the potential impact agriculture can have on the health of our planet is tremendous. As a global leader in agriculture, AGCO has a responsibility to help ensure we make a positive impact for the farmers who use our solutions, the communities they feed and the environment we all share.

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