6 Key Tips for Seed Treater Maintenance

USC seed treater maintenance photo

Maintenance and repairs to seed treating equipment are best done during the off season.


With growing use of seed treatments, the off-season is a good time for retailers to make sure their seed treating equipment is in good working order before the start of the 2020 treating season.

“It’s best to get your equipment out and ready to go several weeks before you’ll need it, so that if there are any maintenance or repairs that need to be made, you have time to get that done,” says Chad Hiltibrand, customer service manager for USC, an international manufacturer of custom seed treatment equipment.

Here are six seed treater maintenance steps he recommends be performed every year before treating:

  • Check hoses, bearings, fuses and switches, and order spare parts to have on hand to avoid any down time.
  • Tighten and track conveyor belts.
  • Familiarize yourself with the equipment and run processes again if it’s been awhile.
  • Clean the equipment if not done at the end of the previous season, especially the atomizer, chamber, filters, and chemical lines.
  • Calibrate your equipment to your seed and chemical specs.
  • Finally, perform a test run of your treater to ensure that it is operating correctly.

Hiltibrand notes that retailers can contact their local USC dealer for assistance with pre-season maintenance or visit www.uscllc.com for additional information.

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