No Mega Answers

It’s funny how you never know when you might strike a nerve. Take the case of really large grower-customers, for instance.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how, during a recent ag retailer visit, my host had objected to the use of the term “mega” to refer to really large grower-customers because all his friends outside the industry found the term “too large corporation like.” So, in the spirit of cooperation, I invited readers to weigh in on the topic, offering a few suggestions for an alternative name for mega-growers along the way. These included super-growers, ultra-growers and (tongue firmly planted in my cheek) ginormous-grorwers.


As it turns out, none of my suggestions were popular with readers, with super and ginormous getting 5% of the poll votes apiece and ultra finishing last at 0%.

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I did get a few write-in suggestions. These included jumbo-growers, grande-growers and Big Time Operators (BTOs). Then, there was a sizable portion of the readership – 29% – that thought there was nothing wrong with the term mega-growers and voted for its continuation.

Still, the majority of voters, 61%, thought the best plan for referring to mega-growers in the future was to find some other way of describing them. So I open the floor to you, dear reader. What do you think? Please drop me an e-mail at [email protected] and let me know what name you prefer when we are talking about mega-growers. As always, the majority will rule.

As grower-customers inevitably get bigger in the coming years, it will be important to know how we in the media should be referring to them – especially as their percentage of total agriculture sales will undoubtedly grow mega quickly.