Winfield Solutions Acquires Assets Of Estes Supply

Winfield Solutions, LLC, a Land O’Lakes company, has acquired selected assets comprising the agronomic inputs business of Estes, Inc. (now Estes Supply, LLC).


Estes is a long-standing, privately-held Texas-based limited liability company that functions primarily as a wholesale distributor of agricultural, range and pasture, and specialty crop protection products. Estes Supply serves customers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Colorado.

This expansion of the business will enable Winfield Solutions to grow primarily in Oklahoma and Texas, while deepening its ag and professional Crop Protection Products (CPP) businesses and continuing to build the AgriSolutions and CROPLAN GENETICS brands.

“This is an exciting step for both Winfield Solutions and Estes,” says Rod Schroeder, Winfield Solutions executive vice president and COO, Crop Protection Products. “We’re very pleased to be expanding in the marketplace where Estes has operated so successfully for many years. Estes employees bring expertise and a deep understanding of the products and the marketplace to Winfield Solutions, and we look forward to a very promising future together.”

Tim Akins, president of Estes, adds, “I don’t believe Estes could join a finer organization than Winfield Solutions. Throughout the industry, Winfield Solutions is known as a strong, successful company that is a leader in its businesses.”

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