Landus Joins GROWERS Retail Network to Offer Farmers New Way to Purchase Inputs

This partnership connects Landus to farmers on The GROWERS App, a digital platform for farmers to connect with retailers and research input products.

Landus, Iowa’s largest farmer-owned cooperative and a leading retailer of agricultural inputs, announced today that it has joined The GROWERS Retail Network. This partnership connects Landus to farmers on The GROWERS App, a digital platform for farmers to connect with retailers and research input products. Farmers send their purchase requests directly to GROWERS Retail Network partners, like Landus, giving customers a more efficient way to purchase inputs and interact digitally with their input providers.


The GROWERS App was created to address the inefficiencies of the process many farmers follow to procure inputs, which typically involves calling multiple retailers, receiving pricing, and comparing those prices manually. The GROWERS App allows farmers and retailers to streamline that process by creating the ability for the farmer to submit their input request in the platform, share the request with retailers and receive, compare, select, and purchase those inputs all in one place. Farmers gain efficiency on their farm operations, and retailers gain the ability to serve farmers in a modern, digitally enabled way.

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“Joining The GROWERS Retail Network is an exciting milestone for Landus and an important part of our growth strategy,” said Matt Carstens, president and CEO of Landus. “Together with our GROW Solutions Center, our technical agronomy expertise and direct ship opportunities, Landus can serve farmers across the greater Midwest. Technology like The GROWERS App simplifies the process and makes purchasing agronomy inputs more efficient. At Landus, we keep the farmer at the center of everything we do, and this is one more way we are focused on helping them sustainably grow.”

The GROWERS App is a one-stop shop for farmers to learn about and purchase inputs, including seed, crop protection, fertilizer, fuel, and services from their local retailers and reputable retailers within The GROWERS Retail Network. The platform provides farmers with the convenience of online purchasing and a better way to manage the process of ordering inputs from retailers like Landus.

By joining The GROWERS Retail Network, farmers have yet another way to connect with Landus. The cooperative already offers the Landus GROW Solutions Center. This first-to-the-industry virtual hub of Landus experts provides advice and support on crop management, precision agronomy, grain marketing, animal nutrition and sustainability practices.

“We are thrilled to welcome Landus to The GROWERS Retail Network,” said Steven Valencsin, CEO of GROWERS. “Landus is a well-respected partner to farmers with a growing network across the Midwest. We are excited to work with them to offer farmers on The GROWERS App a more efficient, digitally enabled way to do business with their ag retail counterparts.”