Helena Launches Resurge for Humic Market

Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC introduces Resurge, an exclusive, low-dust humic granule tailor-made for precision agriculture and broadcast applications with fertilizer. Resurge helps growers maximize their soil-applied nutrient investment with the highest-quality humic ore source available. Through a revolutionary engineering process, Resurge overcomes the limitations of conventional humic products to improve soil quality and health in a wider variety of production agriculture and specialty applications.


“Due to intensive farming practices over time, we began to lose the natural humic substances that mobilize nutrients from the soil to the plant. By adding the right humic product from a proven ore source to our fertilizer applications, we can put life back into the soil,” says Mike Powell, Manager of BioScience Brands at Helena.

Humic substances are proven to improve nutrient efficiency and strengthen plant growth by preventing tie-up and releasing soil-bound nutrients. However, many humic granule products have been known to produce excess dust, mixing problems, and inconsistent distribution. These handling and application issues have limited the widespread use of humic products in the past. According to Powell, “We’re changing all of that with Resurge.”

Resurge is designed with a uniform shape and size for even distribution in the fertilizer blend and across the acre. The consistent sizing ensures better flowability through fertilizer equipment and improves compatibility with all types of dry fertilizers, including urea. Resurge can be applied by broadcast, air broadcast, air seeder and banded applications with low dust. It breaks down quickly in the soil and holds nutrients in the root zone longer. The result is an energized soil environment that delivers stronger in-season crop results and improves yield potential.

Resurge will be available for the 2020 growing season. Growers are encouraged to contact their Helena representative or an authorized Resurge dealer to secure their orders now.