FS Cooperatives Earn Performance Improvement Award

Five FS member cooperatives were recognized by GROWMARK, Inc. for business performance improvement during the GROWMARK annual meeting in Chicago today.


GROWMARK measures the improvement in the performance of member cooperatives based on return on invested capital. Over a five-year time frame, each cooperative’s return on invested capital improvement is measured in comparison to other cooperatives in the System. From this measurement, the Performance Improvement Award was developed.

The cooperative with the highest degree of improvement was TriCounty FS, Inc., Jerseyville, IL. Dave Lewis is the manager and Joe Fessler is the president.

Ranking second was Gold Star FS, Inc., Cambridge, IL. Steve Swanstrom is the manager and Ron Polage is the president.

In third place was Thunder Bay Co-operative. Ben Posthuma is the manager and Fritz Jaspers is the president.

In fourth place was Carroll Service Company, Lanark, IL. Ramon Woessner is the manager, and Rick Groen is the president.

Ranking fifth was Sunderland Co-operative. Blain Thompson is the manager and Dale Hamilton was the president during the time period being measured.

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