Conserv FS to Make Major Updates to Waterman Facility

Conserv FS has announced a large expansion project for their Waterman Facility. A recent groundbreaking event with local agricultural and community representatives celebrated the expansion and what it will do for the community.


This expansion includes a new 7,500-ton dry fertilizer building equipped with a 24-ton blender and a NTEP certified Auto-Batch blending system. This new building will have the capacity to load 8 semi-trucks per hour. Also included in this project is 1.3 million gallons of liquid fertilizer storage integrated with a crop protection mixing facility and warehouse. This new liquid facility will be equipped with three load bays providing both top and bottom load options with “hot-load” capabilities.

Also included will be a 24/7 unattended bay for after-hours availability of nitrogen solution loads with nitrogen stabilizers. Each of these bays can easily fill 6 semi-loads per hour (18 semi-loads total/hour for the facility). In addition to these, the expansion will feature 72,000 gallons of bulk crop protection product storage contained in this facility and ample mini-bulk and package good storage that will provide tremendous flexibility and capacity.

Both the dry fertilizer and the liquid facility will contain automated systems integrated with ordering, operations, and accounting software providing a greatly streamlined processes and improved flow of information to the customer.

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