Yara Introduces Foliar Product For Soybeans

Yara North America, Inc. has introduced YaraVita Glytrel MnP, a new foliar product for soybeans that can be applied with glyphosate. It will be distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Helena Chemical Co.


YaraVita Glytrel MnP has been specifically formulated to be sprayed with glyphosate, which can reduce soybean uptake of needed manganese from the soil. The phosphorus in Glytrel MnP can strengthen the developing root system of soybeans. The liquid formulation of Glytrel MnP pours quickly and doesn’t need any special pre-mixing for application with glyphosate.

In a 2012 independent, replicated Soybean Micronutrient Study field trial, Glytrel MnP-treated soybeans yielded 6.6% higher than soybeans treated with other manganese foliar products.

“Glytrel MnP Ready-to-Use technology has been specifically designed to mix with the most commonly used glyphosates,” says Adam Richardson, Foliar and Micronutrient Product Manager for Yara. “What you mix stays mixed and plant-available.”

Following glyphosate application, the root development of soybeans is often reduced, which affects uptake of nutrients like manganese and phosphorus, as well as soil moisture. Because soybeans have a high requirement for manganese, they can display symptoms of this deficiency by yellowing of leaves.

“Using Yara’s proprietary formulation technology combining both phosphorus and manganese,” Richardson explains, “Glytrel MnP supplies soybean crops with a specific nutritional package which compensates for the reduced nutrient uptake.

“The dual functionality protectant (DFP) system in Glytrel MnP gives an unrivaled combination of performance and tank mixability with glyphosate formulations,” added Richardson.

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