West Fertilizer Plaintiffs: CF Industries Delaying Testimony

Lawyers are hoping to get testimony started in the West Fertilizer Plant explosion case soon. Attorneys representing more than 30 West residents and the city met with attorneys from IL-based CF Industries on Friday, reports Waco, TX-based News Channel 25 KXXV-TV.


Both sides discussed their concerns in front of a judge, before any testimony begins.

Lawyers for CF Industries asked for more time to properly find documents needed for testimony. They said they would like to thoroughly look through their electronic documents and data to have it for upcoming testimony.

The plaintiffs argued that they could do that themselves, and that CF Industries was taking too much time and delaying testimony. The original date for testimony to begin was set for later this month.

Both sides also argued about proper testing protocol that will be done to ammonium nitrate samples. Each side just wanted to make sure all questionable procedures would be agreed upon before a trial begins.

Source: News Channel 25/KXXV-TV, Waco, TX.

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