Soil Tech Company Biome Makers Partners with California Farmers to Fight Climate Change

Biome Makers, a global agtech leader, is excited to invite farmers and researchers to collaborate on monitoring soil health in California. As the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) opens applications for the Healthy Soils Demonstration Program (HSP) grant funding, Biome Makers aims to amplify the impact of the program by offering its expertise and trusted lab services to applicants, fostering the adoption of sustainable farming practices and climate-smart agriculture goals.

Biome Makers revolutionizes regenerative agriculture with BeCrop Technology, providing comprehensive insights into soil health and empowering farmers and researchers to enhance productivity. By leveraging BeCrop, applicants to the HSP can showcase the effectiveness of their soil health practices and bolster their grant applications with robust scientific data.


“Our BeCrop technology has demonstrated significant impact, supporting over 200 soil health projects worldwide,” said Adrian Ferrero, CEO and co-founder at Biome Makers. “With our expertise and advanced technology, applicants can confidently showcase their soil health practices with scientific rigor, amplifying the credibility and effectiveness of their initiatives.”

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The deadline to apply for the Healthy Soils Demonstration Program grant funding is August 28th. For information on eligibility and program requirements, visit the Healthy Soils Program website.

Biome Makers invites farmers, researchers, and organizations to explore the benefits of BeCrop and collaborate with the company to monitor the impact of soil health initiatives. As a trusted partner, Biome Makers provides not only cutting-edge technology but also soil biology lab services and technical assistance, ensuring applicants have the support they need for successful grant applications.