Soil Health Innovator HGS BioScience Opens Major R&D Facility in Mississippi

HGS BioScience, a global leader in soil health and pioneer in extracted humate products, has announced it has unveiled its new, state-of-the-art research and development facility. This advanced facility has been meticulously designed to expedite technological innovation and drive the adoption of standardized testing methods, revolutionizing quality assurance in the industry.

Situated in Sardis, Mississippi, just 60 miles south of Memphis, the facility is seamlessly integrated with the Sardis manufacturing site, which is one of HGS BioScience’s five manufacturing sites across the United States. This strategic location enables efficient collaboration between research and production teams, fostering synergy and ensuring seamless integration of groundbreaking discoveries into commercial products.


The R&D center is equipped to fulfill a range of critical functions, including:

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  • Pilot plant representing all aspects of HGS production, including humic and fulvic acid extraction, liquid blending, spray drying, dry powder blending and granulation.
  • Product development lab focused on liquid formulations.
  • Storage stability.
  • ISO method humic and fulvic testing.
  • Quality assurance/quality control lab that tests and retains production from all production plants.

HGS BioScience CEO Mike Steffeck asserts, “This R&D facility will enable HGS to independently develop or collaborate with peers and channel partners to create products that can be seamlessly blended and formulated into our Performance Granule. For more than three decades, growers have witnessed the remarkable soil health benefits of applying extracted humates. Our R&D facility empowers us to develop products that integrate unique technologies and can be conveniently delivered to the field as a granule in a dry fertilizer mix.”

The HGS BioScience flagship product, HumiK WSG Performance Granule, is a patented formulation that allows retailers and farmers to easily apply extracted humates to their fields in a convenient granule that looks and acts like a dry fertilizer granule. The Performance Granule also serves as an ideal carrier for numerous nutritional and biological technologies, including micronutrients, microbes, and sea plant extract, among others. Extracted humates unlock the nutrient bank in the soil, increase soil organic matter content, reduce plant stress through improved water retention, and unleash a crop’s yield potential.

This significant investment in the R&D facility aligns seamlessly with HGS BioScience’s pre-commercialization plant in Green Cove, Florida, further highlighting the company’s steadfast commitment to advancing agricultural solutions and soil health.