Your Seed Product Should Never Let You Down!

Your Seed Product Should Never Let You Down!

Issues involving product performance are something no company wants to face, but when dealing with a living organism such as seed, they’re likely to occur someplace every year, writes Rod Osthus of RC Thomas Co. on When your varieties meet or exceed customer expectations, everyone is happy. However, when they disappoint, the customer and those who sold them usually blame the product.


Panic sets in and thoughts of salvaging the business from the customer who had the problem becomes the focus. No one wants to lose a customer, especially due to poor product performance. Losing a customer in that manner often results in permanent separation.

But why the panic? In my 22-plus years of selling seed to farmers, I never lost a customer due to poor product performance. Did I ever lose a buyer because my product didn’t perform to his liking? Yes, but the product was never the problem. I never purposely sold a bad product. It was always the more than 1,000 variables that distorted the expected performance of that living variety.