Pioneer Brand Seeds Adds More Than 60 New High-Yielding Hybrids to Its Corn Lineup

Pioneer brand seed from Corteva Agriscience reaffirms its leadership in seed technology by advancing more than 60 new corn hybrids for 2024, offering farmers exceptional yield potential and industry-leading insect protection and herbicide-tolerant traits, where enabled. This year’s class expands the availability of Pioneer brand Vorceed Enlist corn and introduces PowerCore Enlist and PowerCore Ultra Enlist corn.

“The diversity of our 2024 class reflects the needs of U.S. corn growers and the wide range of insect, weed and disease threats they face,” said Adam Theis, Pioneer U.S. Corn Marketing Lead. “We’ve invested in a unique combination of breeding tools that have accelerated our ability to develop and deliver high-performing genetics that are paired with the latest innovative traits. Our hybrids are then refined and tested across a variety of environments to ensure they provide the highest levels of insect and disease protection along with stable, consistent performance.”


With over 27,000 comparisons, the 2024 class of products delivered an average 10 bu/A yield advantage over the competition – providing farmers opportunity to push their yield potential with Pioneer brand corn.

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Expanded Availability of Vorceed Enlist Corn Products

This year’s lineup features the addition of 23 Pioneer hybrids with Vorceed Enlist technology, specifically engineered for farmers facing tough corn rootworm (CRW) pressure.

Vorceed Enlist corn offers multiple modes of action against insects and a wide range of options for weed control where enabled, giving farmers the flexibility to manage their CRW acres while offering high yield potential they expect from Pioneer. In 2023, Vorceed Enlist corn products edged out competitive hybrids by an average of 11.4 bu/A, an advantage confirmed by farmers like Marty Pottebaum from Earlville, Iowa.

“We had great standability this year, especially for the weather we had, and it ended up being our highest-yield corn,” Pottebaum said. “Along with the yields, Vorceed Enlist is making it easier for us to spray our weeds and it’s given us a wider variety of chemistry to use. Plus, we have a lot of rootworm pressure in northeastern Iowa, and planting Vorceed Enlist really kept the beetles and the rootworms down. I’d recommend Vorceed Enlist to any farmer facing rootworm pressure.”

More PowerCore Enlist Corn Options to Tackle Above-Ground Pests

Also new for 2024 is the expanded availability of 22 new Pioneer brand PowerCore Enlist products.

“PowerCore Enlist corn is a beneficial stack for farmers facing above-ground pest pressure and provides flexibility to combat tough weeds, where enabled,” Theis said. “It offers three distinct Bt proteins for multiple modes of action to control pests like European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, fall armyworm and solid action against black cutworm, along with tolerance to 2,4-D choline, glyphosate, glufosinate and FOP herbicides in geographies registered for use.”

In addition to powerful action against lepidopteran pests, PowerCore Enlist corn returns exceptionally high yield potential because it’s included in our newer, elite genetics. In 2023, PowerCore Enlist products showed a 9.3 bu/A advantage over competitive hybrids.

Pioneer is also introducing PowerCore Ultra Enlist technology in 2024, which includes all the traits of PowerCore Enlist, along with an added mode of action for increased efficacy against ear-feeding pests like corn earworm and western bean cutworm. PowerCore Ultra Enlist will also be available in both integrated and structured refuge options.

“Providing a powerful, diverse hybrid portfolio that meets unique needs and pushes yield potential for farmers across the Corn Belt is precisely what drives us to continue to innovate,” Theis explained. “We’re excited to offer farmers a strong lineup of hybrid and trait options to choose from.”