Growers Share Corn Trait Performance On Facebook

This season, farmers across the Corn Belt will be anxiously watching the performance of the latest corn technology: Dekalb brand Genuity SmartStax. Four early adopters who are among the first to plant this new technology will also chronicle their progress on Facebook so that others can monitor their progress.


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Farmers who plant Dekalb with Genuity SmartStax technology are planting an all-in-one corn technology trait that controls a broad spectrum of insects and provides increased herbicide tolerance to control weeds. In addition, the technology has been approved for the first-ever refuge reduction — from 20% to 5% in the Corn Belt — enabling the highest whole-farm yield potential on the market.

Farmers and agriculture enthusiasts can track Bill Schroeder, Reynolds, IN; John and Dean Werries, Chapin, IL; Scott Rahn, Bingham Lake, MN; and Chris Weydert, Bode, IA, on Facebook at The Dekalb Facebook page will feature videos of their farming operations at key points throughout the season, along with observations and comments from the four farmers, their seed dealers, and local agronomists.

“We are excited to follow these farmers as they see how Dekalb Genuity SmartStax performs on their farms, under their unique growing conditions,” says Jenny Boyd, Dekalb marketing manager. “These innovative farmers will share their observations – good and bad – on the Dekalb Facebook page. It’s a great way for farmers to watch the new technology all season long and see the performance for themselves.”

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