FBN Acquires Canola Seed Leaders

Farmer’s Business Network, Inc. (FBN), the leading direct-to-farm ag tech platform and farmer network, has announced the acquisition of Haplotech Inc., a Winnipeg-based market leading provider of research, technical, and consulting services in seed breeding.


FBN Canada, a wholly-owned unit of FBN, is also purchasing the unique Canadian canola breeding program and pipeline of San Diego-based Cibus. As part of the agreement, Cibus has also provided FBN with a license to sell its canola Pod Shatter Reduction trait upon commercialization.

Combined, these acquisitions will help bring increased competition to the seed industry and represent the latest move by FBN to put Farmers First. FBN is also opening the door for unprecedented collaboration with other seed developers that need elite germplasm to enhance their own programs, and supporting independent developers with promising traits that have had, until now, no clear path to market.

“Bringing more competition and choice to the seed market, extending an invitation to the rest of the industry to collaborate on development, and providing a straight path to market is the latest way FBN is working to help farmers maximize their profits and improve ROI,” said Breen Neeser, Country Manager of FBN Canada. “These acquisitions also underscore FBN’s commitment to Canada, its farmers, and its rural economies.”

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