ABM Introduces New Wheat Seed Treatment

Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM) has introduced a new generation of wheat seed treatment to the marketplace: SabrEx. This root inoculant enhances wheat plant growth, increases fertilizer and water efficiency and creates bigger root systems, with a typical yield increase of four to five bushels per acre.


“SabrEx is the newest result of a decade of land grant university research,” Dr. Gary Harman, researcher at Cornell University, says. “The patent-pending formula creates a Systemic Resistance response in wheat plants that can induce resistance to disease and drought stress. And independent testing has confirmed a significant increase in wheat vigor.”

SabrEx is applied as a seed treatment, and can be applied on the farm or by a commercial seed treater or dealer. Its low use-rate and formulation can actually assist in seeding accuracy. SabrEx can be a stand-alone treatment or co-applied with standard wheat fungicide seed treatment programs.

“SabrEx works by increasing fertilizer and water efficiency in high fertility or irrigated fields,” Harman says. “And it helps relieve drought and disease stress in lower fertility or limited water conditions.”

SabrEx is available right now through agricultural chemical dealers, seed dealers, or wheat seed companies. For more information on SabrEx and its availability, producers can contact their local seed or chemical company, call ABM at 877-617-2461, or go to www.TreatYourWheat.com.

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