5 Common Pitfalls to High Quality Seed Treatment Application

As a seed treatment applicator, it’s to your benefit to accurately apply the proper rate of active ingredient to each batch of seed, batch after batch and day after day, writes Ketty Nilsson, President of Norogard, on SeedWorld.com. This not only saves you money by not over applying the seed treatment, but also helps to ensure customer satisfaction by not under applying.


However, with application rates as low as 50 milliliters per 100 kilograms (1.7 ounces per 220 pounds) of seed, achieving a high quality application time after time can be a challenge — one that’s not solved by simply adding more water or more colorant.

As a manufacturer and provider of sophisticated seed treatment equipment, there are some common pitfalls I see when I visit facilities to talk about high quality application and our equipment. The five most common are:

1. Not stirring or mixing the barrel just prior to application. With a product that might not be homogenous, operators don’t know if the active ingredient is on the seed or at the bottom of the barrel.

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