Nutrien eKonomics Launches New Nutrient Management App

Nutrien eKonomics, Nutrien’s online resource for growers and advisors, has announced the launch of a nutrient management app that enables customized agronomic advice for optimum nutrient management, growing degree days, and local rainfall.


“Farmers and agronomists are constantly seeking the latest information to help guide decisions with regard to nutrient inputs, and eKonomics is offering that information with this new app,” says Nutrien Director of Agronomy Dr. Robert Mullen. “The app will allow faster access to the same tools that have always been available on the eKonomics site.”

Having the latest data at their fingertips helps growers and advisors make informed decisions about crop nutrition. That is why eKonomics developed this new application to make these four calculator tools accessible anywhere, at any time.

  • Nutrient Removal Calculator – Estimates crop nutrient removal of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium for a broad list of field crops. Results are calculated based on selected yield goals.
  • Nutrient ROI Calculator – The industry’s first ROI calculator to cover major crops across most of North America. The ROI calculator is based on published university phosphorus and potassium crop response models and incorporates spatial variation when calculating economic return.
  • Growing Degree Days Calculator – The weather-based GDD calculation measures heat accumulation (above a specific threshold) and helps predict outcomes such as the approximate date the crop will reach maturity.
  • Rainfall Tracker – The Rainfall Tracker tool tracks current and historical precipitation at the field level.

“Providing our existing tools in an app allows farmers and agronomists the ability to access information that can be used to guide fertilizer input decisions,” says Mullen.

Download the eKonomics app for free directly from Google Play and the App Store. For more information about eKonomics, visit