West Central Obtains Exclusive U.S. Rights To Distribute ATP Nutrition’s Proprietary Products

West Central Obtains Exclusive U.S. Rights To Distribute ATP Nutrition’s Proprietary Products

West Central Distribution has partnered with ATP Nutrition Ltd for the exclusive rights to distribute ATP proprietary products for sale throughout the U.S. West Central will have access to ATP’s Chemtrition line of products, and will initially focus on PreCede (seed nutrient treatment), ReLeaf (early season foliar nutrition) and 42Phi (nutrient formulation to aid in flowering). Together, these products deliver essential nutrients to crops at the key growth stages in the plant’s life cycle. ReLeaf and Precede contain a proprietary plant extract with biological activation known as Convey. It works to stimulate root and shoot growth, increase chlorophyll production and help stimulate cell division and growth within the plants.


ATP Nutrition is a science-based plant nutrient company, committed to the development and commercialization of high performance products and nutrient managements system. They offer novel technologies that incorporate essential nutrients with proprietary biological activators to optimize plant health, while maximizing the genetic potential of the plant.

“ATP is a company focused on science and innovation. Since these are two things we also value at West Central, we are thrilled to be able to exclusively distribute their products to our U.S. retailers,” said Paul Gerdes, proprietary products manager, West Central. “Their products with the Convey technology will be a great addition to our plant nutrition product lineup currently available to our retail customers.”

“We’re proud to align ourselves with West Central,” said Jarrett Chambers, president, ATP Nutrition, “West Central’s proven track record of bringing innovative technologies to the market, that serve both the interests of the growers and meets the needs of the crop is consistent with our goals and vision at ATP.”

For more information about including PreCede, ReLeaf and 42Phi as a part of your plant nutrition program, visit www.wcdst.com.