Locus AG Launches Second Line of Carbon-Accelerating Soil Probiotic Technologies

Farmers searching for solutions to boost on-farm profitability and sustainability now have access to Pantego, a soil probiotic technology hitting the U.S. agriculture market for the 2021 season. Locus Agricultural Solutions (Locus AG), a certified B Corp, developed the line of non-GMO microbial soil amendments to provide agronomic and environmental benefits, with the potential to increase on-farm return on investment by two to three times. Pantego has added flexibility for use in cooler temperature soils and unlocks phosphorus-mobilizing features that are crucial for crops.


Pantego is a line expansion of Locus AG’s award-winning soil probiotic technologies that can accelerate carbon sequestration, boost crop yields and increase the uptake of crop nutrients. Its free-living microorganism provides superior performance in mobilizing phosphorus into a plant-available form. The product has proven to be highly successful in soybeans and can be utilized in colder climates—driving interest from row crop farmers across the Midwest. It also has impressive impact on young trees, which has made it an attractive option for pistachios and walnut farmers in California, along with citrus farmers in Florida.

“Every farming operation has its own unique situation, which is why we customize our soil amendments to make sure they’re the most effective technology available with the highest value that meet specific needs,” said Grant Aldridge, CEO of Locus AG. “Using Pantego either at-planting or early in the growing season has shown significant benefits in enhancing nutrient uptake and delivering those elements at early plant stage development. Both are must-haves for on-farm profitability.”

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