West Central Distribution Launches Ridgeline Seed Care Portfolio

From the moment seeds are planted, crops encounter numerous pest pressures that can impact seedling health and may affect the plants’ overall yield come harvest time. Seed treatments play an important role in ensuring the seed has the best start possible from the moment it’s planted, by protecting it from harmful disease and insect pressures that can negatively impact the plant throughout its life. West Central Distribution has announced the launch of its new Ridgeline Seed Care portfolio, a ready-to-use seed treatment lineup containing some of the newest chemistries in the seed treatment market. The new Ridgeline portfolio includes Halifax Fungicide, Halifax Fungicide and Insecticide, Lancaster Fungicide, and Lancaster Fungicide and Insecticide.


Continued advancements in seed treatment have allowed ag retailers a variety of options to help growers protect their crops from the hundreds of fungi and insects that may negatively impact their overall crop yield. Seed treatments, as part of a strong crop management plan, can help growers achieve the higher yields they strive to produce each growing season.

The Ridgeline Seed Care portfolio was developed to provide a consistent formulation and a brand ag retailers know and trust. Ridgeline includes seed treatment products to provide protection for a variety of crops, including soybeans and other legumes, plus cereal crops such as wheat. Available in a variety of sizes including 2×2.5-gallon jugs, 15-gallon kegs and 250-gallon shuttles, Ridgeline Seed Care offers a high-quality product with focused control that is easy to use and manage, without inventory restrictions or other EPA restrictions.

Halifax Fungicide is a two-fungicide mix seed treatment for soybeans and other legumes with enhanced phytophthora control and includes a polymer for better adhesion and seed flowability in the planter. Halifax Fungicide and Insecticide is a three-fungicide mix and insecticide that sets a new standard for water mold control. Both options deliver superior protection against well-known seed-borne and soil-borne diseases.

Lancaster Fungicide is a three-fungicide mix for cereals that includes a polymer and color in a ready-to-use formulation for commercial and grower applications. Lancaster Fungicide and Insecticide for cereals provides unsurpassed protection with its next generation insecticide and super-systemic fungicide defense system.

“Using a quality seed treatment is critical in ensuring crops have superior protection against disease and insects from the moment the seed is planted,” Blake Murnan, product development manager, West Central Distribution. “We are excited to provide ag retailers with the new Ridgeline Seed Care portfolio. This new seed treatment line is a wonderful choice for retailers looking for a convenient and premier packaged seed treatment.”

For more information about the new Ridgeline Seed Care portfolio, including Halifax Fungicide, Halifax Fungicide and Insecticide, Lancaster Fungicide, and Lancaster Fungicide and Insecticide, visit www.wcdst.com.

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