Corteva Agriscience Launches New Fungicide With White Mold Protection for Soybeans

Corteva Agriscience has announced the expansion of its U.S. fungicide portfolio with the launch of Viatude fungicide, a new solution for farmers from northern U.S. soybean-producing states to help protect their soybeans from white mold disease.

“White mold is one of the most significant crop diseases soybean farmers in that northern geography deal with – it causes millions of dollars in yield loss every year,” said Clark Smith, U.S. Fungicides Product Manager, Corteva Agriscience. “Viatude fungicide is a new crop protection tool that will provide best-in-class protection against white mold in soybeans, and help prevent yield loss and protect profitability.”


Viatude fungicide contains two effective modes of action on white mold in a convenient, all-in-one premix. Viatude fungicide has the same proven disease control and performance of Onmira active found in Aproach fungicide that farmers have come to rely on, plus prothioconazole for added white mold protection and strong plant health.

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Viatude fungicide offers preventive and curative action on white mold to reduce disease infection. Smith said the superior protection in Viatude fungicide leads to vigorous soybeans throughout the year.

“Viatude fungicide provides complete plant coverage with its rapid absorption and translocation. The four movement properties found in Viatude fungicide quickly surround, penetrate and protect leaves and stems,” Smith explained. “This strong plant health helps farmers achieve higher yield potential at harvest.”

According to Smith, farmers can pair Viatude fungicide with Aproach fungicide in a two-pass system for even stronger plant health throughout the year. A program approach with two fungicide passes, along with other Integrated Pest Management practices, can help prevent disease resistance from developing.

Viatude fungicide received federal regulatory approval in late 2022. Several key northern soybean-producing states have also approved the new solution. Viatude fungicide is also labelled for use in canola. A limited supply of Viatude fungicide is available this year for farmers in northern U.S. soybean states, with additional supply anticipated for 2024 in the same geographies.