Simplot Introduces Fused-Safe Ammonium Sulfate Nitrate Fertilizer

The J. R. Simplot Co.’s new FŪSN fertilizer is now commercially available to growers.


Simplot uses advanced technology to fuse ammonium nitrate with ammonium sulfate to create an ammonium nitrate-based fertilizer that is less detonable, more efficient and socially responsible.

Simplot’s FŪSN (26-0-0-14s) provides growers the ability to improve farm productivity with a fertilizer that is easy to use and enables a strong return with clear agronomic benefits.

“FŪSN revitalizes and makes safe a proven nutrient growers want and need,” said John Malinowski, vice president of business development and marketing for Simplot’s Agribusiness group. “The fusing of nitrate and sulfate suppresses the detonability of the nitrate while adding agronomic benefits such as optimizing plant uptake potential.”

Simplot’s FŪSN is a dry, granular homogenous fertilizer that delivers nitrate and ammonium nitrogen and sulfate sulfur to the plant. The fused sulfate-nitrate compound also helps decrease volatilization of surface-applied nitrogen.

Simplot collaborated with Honeywell on the new fertilizer, leveraging Honeywell’s Sulf-N26 fertilizer technology to develop the engineering and manufacturing for this new product at Simplot’s Lathrop, CA. facility.

FŪSN is now available in select areas in the Western U.S. For more information, visit

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