New SUL4R-PLUS Pelletized Sulfate Available For Fall Applications

SUL4R-PLUS product, a new patent-pending pelletized sulfate product from charah, Inc., is now available in time for fall crop applications. This new product targets growers, putting them in control of the sulfate application process and making their job easier and faster in virtually any farming environment.

SUL4R-PLUS product’s unique pellet shape makes sulfur application easier, enhances soil quality and improves production of all crops. Because of its uniform pellet size, SUL4R-PLUS product can be applied with other dry inputs, and spreads evenly for superior coverage. Because it is a sulfate, it starts working almost on contact. Other important benefits of SUL4R-PLUS product include:

  • Faster availability than with elemental sulfur: While elemental sulfur requires significant time for microbes to convert it into a plant-usable form, SUL4R-PLUS product dissolves on contact with water in the soil solution, and is immediately available to the plant. SUL4R-PLUS product also works across a broader range of weather and humidity conditions.
  • Easy application, better coverage: SUL4R-PLUS product spreads more evenly than elemental sulfur because of its size and density. Unlike ammonium sulfate, it doesn’t absorb moisture from the air under hot and humid conditions or become sticky. SUL4R-PLUS product dissolves only where you want it to – in the soil.
  • pH-neutral: SUL4R-PLUS product is pH-neutral, so it doesn’t require limestone to correct soil acidity after an application. That means that the application process is easier, faster and less expensive.

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