BRANDT Company TALC USA Moves Production to Illinois

TALC USA, a BRANDT company, is preparing a new production facility in Curran, Ill. to increase its production capacity in the US while reducing shipping costs to its end farmer customers. The production line is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2024 in time to supply the 2025 planting season.

“As we continue to integrate our operations into BRANDT, it makes good business sense to co-locate our manufacturing line in Illinois and take advantage of BRANDT’s production expertise,” said Steve Johnson, founder of TALC USA. “And frankly, we needed to be able to produce more product as the demand for our cutting-edge technologies escalates: Farmers are seeing increased yield with smoother planting.”


The Curran production facility will fall under the supervision of the BRANDT Dealer Support group. Ultimately, when fully staffed, it will require 5-8 additional full-time employees. BRANDT is currently searching for a plant production manager to help recruit, train and oversee the team.

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“Growth is always a good challenge to have, and I’m proud of this next step in our business’ evolution,” said Johnson. “We are making a significant investment with this move, but we’re doing it right with new, more advanced and bigger equipment than what we had in Page (North Dakota). We’re setting ourselves up for the future.”

In addition to its domestic growth, TALC USA has plans for international expansion and increased distribution as well. Subsequent announcements are expected later this year.