BioSolutions Africa Conference and Trade Show Set to Move the Needle on Biological Products

Agriculture innovation continues to progress despite ongoing disruptions to travel, and part of the progress lies in the continuing education of how biological products can supplement existing chemical and fertilizer production systems.


That continued education is being delivered at BioSolutions Africa Conference and Trade Show July 14-16, presented by CropLife sister publication AgriBusiness Global.

Conference highlights include:

  • Learn how grocery retailers are responding to consumer demand and influencing production systems: Major grocer Woolworths shares its perspective on how to deliver consumer-driven preferences for food on its shelves by beginning in farmers’ fields.
  • Learn how MRLs and product bans are driving the need for alternative chemistries: Multinational regulatory consultant Eurofins discusses how growers, agronomists, and others in the channel can navigate shrinking residue tolerances.
  • Learn how production farmers have successfully integrated biological products into their operations: Case studies in successful farming have driven access to new markets and healthier soils.
  • Get perspectives from suppliers on R&D and technology transfer in the value chain: South African Bioproducts Organisation leads a panel discussion on how suppliers are delivering new solutions for farmers.
  • Learn major adoption trends around the world and in key African markets with research consultancy DunhamTrimmer: A decade of double-digit growth continues to provide agronomic solutions for farmers and business opportunities for suppliers and distributors.
  • Get insights on environmental influencers and other precision application considerations.

The online conference will feature live audience interaction with speakers and peers through an innovative platform that enables polling, chats, Q&A, and many of the same features that make in-person events so valuable. See the full conference agenda, including featured speakers, panel discussions, and schedule of events at

Likewise, suppliers can interact with attendees in may ways through the platform: Show video, demos, product literature, PowerPoints, and other media on your profile page, which allows for live chat and interaction with all attendees and exhibiting companies.

BioSolutions Africa VIRTUAL, 14-16 July, focuses on agronomic challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa, but its online format breaks down physical boundaries to allow participation and insights from professionals around the world.