Albaugh Launches New Fungicide Seed Treatment

Albaugh has announced the EPA registration of Anchor 3L ST in multiple crop segments as a new fungicide seed treatment offer. Available this fall, Anchor 3L ST is a water-based fungicide formulation that was developed specifically to deliver enhanced handling, stability, performance and value when used in custom blend seed treatments and when added as a tank-mix partner with other seed treatment formulations.


“Anchor 3L ST (Metalaxyl-M a.k.a. Mefenoxam) is the first of three new actives we will launch over the next 24 months. The other two are Thiamethoxam and Ipconazole,” said Chris Zita, Albaugh’s North America Director for Seed Treatments. “We are excited about the expansion of our seed treatment portfolio, as it demonstrates our commitment to deliver new actives for our customers to use in their customized seed treatment offers.”

“Anchor 3L ST will deliver seed treatment protection against Pythium and Phytophthora that cause seedling damping off, seed rot, and systemic downy mildew in certain crops,” explains Zita. “Clearly, Mefenoxam is a superior product to Metalaxyl when it comes to formulation stability, and Anchor 3L ST provides the convenience of lower application rates.” “I was excited to launch Mefenoxam at Syngenta over twenty-years ago, and I am excited to launch it again to help expand the Albaugh seed treatment portfolio and bring value to our customers.”