New Max Systems Product Aids Irrigation

Regulator 3.0 Concentrate

Regulator 3.0 Concentrate promises to give treated irrigation water the qualities of rainwater.


A gentle rainfall is nearly always welcomed by crop producers, including those who rely on irrigation to produce a profitable yield. For reasons most people don’t understand, natural rainfall is still more valuable to the crop than groundwater that flows through a pivot. Plus, it helps save water. Now, a new pH balancing carbon surfactant from Max Systems LLC, called Regulator 3.0 Concentrate, promises to give treated irrigation water the qualities of rainwater, in effect improving the efficacy of pesticides, fungicides and insecticides and allowing a producer to reduce irrigation costs.

“Research has shown that salts steal energy and water from plants, which is never a good thing,” says Douglas Stengel, co-founder of Max Systems LLC. “Consequently, rainwater, which is without what we call total dissolved solids (TDS), or salts, is obviously much more beneficial for crops than the typical irrigation water from wells, ponds, ditches, etc. University research has also shown that rainwater actually holds more oxygen, which it picks up as it falls to Earth,” he adds. “This gives plants that extra boost of energy that they don’t get from surface water.”

Stengel notes that Regulator 3.0 Concentrate also lowers the pH of irrigation water, which makes nutrients more available to plants and improves the efficacy of chemicals and fertilizer applied through a pivot. By applying irrigation water that more closely resembles rainwater, a producer can generally use the lower application rate for chemicals and still get effective control, while reducing costs and water requirements.

Finally, because it is a concentrate, a producer can apply as little as eight to 16 ounces per acre to attain the “return-to-rain” effects of Regulator 3.0, including a large dose of carbon. The low dosage also means less product needs to be injected into the pivot stream, as well as less stress and wear on the injection pump.

“Unlike other pH-lowering products that contain salt, Regulator 3.0 is a carbon-based surfactant that contains high amounts of energy and oxygen,” Stengel continues. “This helps build more sugar in the plants. Plus, the carbon used in Regulator 3.0 as a carrier moves through the plant much easier than salts, providing better nutrition to the desired plants, while delivering a more fatal dose of any pivot injected herbicides to weeds and grass.”

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