A Conversation with Midwestern BioAg’s Kevin Kimm

Midwestern BioAg in April hired Kevin Kimm as its new CEO. Kimm is the former Vice President of International Distribution and New Product Development for The Mosaic Co. A 25-year veteran in sales, marketing, and product development, Kimm will lead Midwestern BioAg as it expands the reach of TerraNu Technology to key markets across the U.S.

Kevin Kimm


“Kevin is a proven leader in the ag industry. The timing is right to bring in his expertise in product development and marketing, especially with the launch of our TerraNu product line. We look forward to partnering with Kevin to expand Midwestern BioAg’s reach,” said Sanjeev Krishnan, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer at S2G Ventures.

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“I couldn’t be more thrilled about joining the Midwestern BioAg team. Soil health, nutrient-use efficiency, and sustainability are crucial in agriculture, and Midwestern BioAg is already a proven leader in this area,” Kimm said. “The TerraNu line of products is a game-changer for the fertilizer industry; growers are seeing great value. It is the only homogenized, carbon-based fertilizer in the industry, and it has shown a positive crop response in more than 80% of the trials. It is one more tool for our customers to improve soil health, increase yield performance, and, ultimately, profitability.”

CropLife® magazine had the chance to speak with Kimm about his new role at Midwestern BioAg, his past, and his plans for the company’s future.

CropLife: As you join Midwestern BioAg, what one word do you think best describes the company today and why?
Kimm: There is a long list of words that could accurately portray Midwestern BioAg, but “progressive” comes to the top of my mind. Midwestern BioAg has been committed to supporting growers with innovative fertility products and agronomic services for the past 36 years.

CL: Can you give me some background on yourself? What factor(s) helped convince you Midwestern BioAg was a good company to join?
Kimm: My first experience in agriculture was being raised on a family grain and livestock farming operation in eastern Iowa that still remains in our family today. I’ve held positions with Novartis, Syngenta, and most recently spent seven years with The Mosaic Co. With over 25 years of experience in the agriculture sector in sales, marketing, and product development domestically and abroad, Midwestern BioAg was the correct destination for me. They have established something special here with the TerraNu line of products as a game-changer, with proven performance in the fertilizer industry; growers are seeing great value, and I’m excited to join the team and grow the business.

CL: Looking at the marketplace, what is the biggest challenge currently facing Midwestern BioAg and why? How do you plan to overcome this?
Kimm: The biggest challenge for Midwestern BioAg has been tough commodity prices and planting conditions. This scenario has us committed to staying farmer-centric and striving to be the best agronomic partner possible to increase grower return on investment (ROI). As growing conditions and prices continue to fluctuate, focusing on our growers and their operations and livelihoods will continue to position us for success in the near future.

CL: On the reverse, what is the biggest opportunity for the company and why?
Kimm: The biggest opportunity for Midwestern BioAg is to grow our flagship brand TerraNu Technology. With the product’s proven ability to deliver increased crop performance, nutrient uptake, and improved soil health, we are extremely excited to continue to expand its reach. TerraNu’s homogenized granules provide easy blending for retailers and a robust ROI for growers and retailers alike — all product attributes that we know our fertilizer products must possess to be successful.

CL: Tell us more about Midwestern BioAg and its product offerings. How do you anticipate expanding over the next year and why?
Kimm: Midwestern BioAg has offered a performance-driven portfolio of crop inputs across the Upper Midwest for over 36 years. As the company continues to grow, we plan to increase our proprietary products and marketing efforts to support our retail partners.

CL: Overall, what does the future hold for Midwestern BioAg? What do you hope your legacy will be to the company over the next decade?
Kimm: I would define the future of Midwestern BioAg as “customer-centric.” We are supported by an incredible set of employees and retail partners, and we’re excited to expand those partnerships as we continue to grow. The success of the company, its growers, and retail partners will define the legacy of my tenure as Chief Executive Officer at Midwestern BioAg.