Spray On Display

Spray On Display

Custom applicators and growers now can monitor their progress even without an in-cab computer system.


An aftermarket console display is now available from Spectrum Technologies, Inc. to allow drivers to use the WatchDog Spray Station on spray rigs not outfitted with an in-cab computer system or other monitoring device.

Theh display enables users to view and data log current wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity, dew point, wind chill, and barometric pressure from the WatchDog Sprayer Station, while on the go. Weather data can be captured and downloaded to a PC with Console Sync software, which is included.

The Sprayer Station handles adverse conditions with a UV-stabilized, compact housing that is fully waterproof and resistant to chemicals.

For more information, contact Spectrum Technologies, Inc. at 800-248-8873 or visit www.specmeters.com.