New Year, New Challenges, New Successes

New Year, New Challenges, New Successes

After a year like 2008, most Americans are hopeful that the new year will be better. The agriculture industry overall didn’t fare too badly despite the faltering economy last year, and ag retailers will need to be on their toes in 2009. Are you prepared to succeed?


At CropLife® magazine and CropLife eNews, we resolve to continue to provide the information, tips, and research you need to be successful in 2009. We’ll ask the experts and top retailers the questions you want answers to, and share their valuable insights to help your business.

Here’s your opportunity to tell us: What will your business do differently in 2009 to succeed?

FYI: We’re repeating last week’s poll question due to technical problems. (It turned into what we’ll call — with apologies to YouTube – a YouPoll: Whichever answer you chose, 100% agreed with you.)

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