Gowan Launches Vida

Gowan Launches Vida

Gowan Co., LLC has launched Vida broadleaf herbicide under a marketing agreement with Nichino America, Inc.


Effective immediately, Gowan Co. will market Vida herbicide in the Pacific Northwest, Northern Plains, Midwest, and Northeastern United States. According to Gowan, Vida is a highly effective broadleaf herbicide currently registered for use in burndown, postemergence corn, soybeans, wheat, and potato desiccation segments. There is minimal soil residual with Vida herbicide, allowing for favorable plant-back intervals when used as a burndown treatment prior to planting. Vida contains the active ingredient pyraflufen-ethyl.

This marketing agreement will further strengthen the presence of Gowan Co. in the row crop, cereals, and vegetable markets while laying the foundation for future product development.

(Source: AgPR)