PACE Initiatives For 2011

PACE Initiatives For 2011

1. Keeping Small Regional and Local Retailers Competitive
Focus efforts on programs that discuss how local and smaller regional retailers need to evolve to deal with an increasingly volatile and globalizing market.


2. Mitigating Fertilizer Risk
Develop best practices for mitigating risk inherent in today’s fertilizer market, while advocating for market initiatives that will reduce the retailer’s risk in the future.

3. Attracting The Next Generation
Develop new and champion existing education/outreach programs to attract new talent to consider agriculture careers, understanding that young people are attracted to industries that “make the future brighter and sustainable.”

4. Support Modern Agriculture
Champion sustainability programs that include use of “modern agriculture” practices.

5. Support Precision Agriculture Standards
Promote initiatives that further the development of standards for precision agriculture to help bolster adoption of technology by those who have never adopted or are not realizing the full potential of precision technology with what they are currently using.

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