Examining The Value Equation

Starting with this article, AgInnovation Advisors will provide commentary on a monthly basis in CropLife magazine. Articles will focus on a broad array of story lines focused on key issues that will impact crop prices and the value of agricultural assets, including farmland. This month’s article will focus on providing background on the types of stories readers will see in forthcoming issues of CropLife, in addition to how AgInnovation Advisors’ background fits into this series called “Perspective — Agriculture’s Value Equation.” In the future, each article will focus on a discussion and bottom line conclusion to a key question that agriculture faces directly, or indirectly, that will impact ag prices/costs/income and asset values. These dynamics will have important short- and long-term effects on the grower and the entire ag supply chain.

AgInnovation Advisors is a strategic advisory service focused solely on agriculture. AgInnovation Advisors’ competitive advantage reflects a unique and complementary “Insider”/”Outsider” ag knowledge, expertise and experience base focused solely on agriculture. “Mr. Insider” is Terry Jones, a farmer/ag entrepreneur in Eastern Iowa and President of Jones Enterprises LLC. “Mr. Outsider” is Sano Shimoda, president of BioScience Securities, Inc., a strategic corporate advisor/investment banker focused solely on agriculture.

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