ARA Members Weigh In On Pesticide Application

ARA Members Weigh In On Pesticide Application

The discussion forum on the Agricultural Retailers Association’s (ARA) Web site features a post about the pros and cons of different types of pesticide application.


Blake Reed, manager at Sun Valley Applicators, asked: “What type of pesticide application do you find the most effective for your customers — aerial fixed wing, helicopter or ground?”

Reed said he thinks each has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the crop, and asked fellow ARA members to provide their insight as well.

Cliff Love, Carolina Eastern-Vail, replied to the discussion: “I have been in areas where due to sheer acreage base a fixed wing must be used to effectively cover the acres involved,” he said. “Therefore, fixed wing has the ability to treat a lot of acres in a short window of time. Also, wet fields are of no consequence.”

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