Dow AgroSciences Nitrogen Stabilizer Receives Registration

Dow AgroSciences Nitrogen Stabilizer Receives Registration

INSTINCT, a new nitrogen stabilizer from Dow AgroSciences to protect UAN and liquid manure applications, has received federal label registration. Indianapolis, IN-based Dow AgroSciences has received federal registration has been received for INSTINCT nitrogen stabilizer for use with UAN and liquid manure. INSTINCT optimizes corn’s yield potential by protecting nitrogen (N) from UAN and liquid manure applications at the root zone, says the company. Fields treated with INSTINCT out yielded nontreated fields by an average of 5 bushels per acre in on-farm field trials in Iowa in 2008. Nitrapyrin, the active ingredient in INSTINCT, increases grain protein and improves standability, reducing the risk of stalk rot and enabling faster crop drydown, studies show.


“INSTINCT keeps N where it belongs — in the soil,” says Chris Berry, market development specialist with Dow AgroSciences. Berry adds that as an encapsulated product, INSTINCT can remain on the soil surface for up to 10 days, giving growers maximum flexibility in application timing. “INSTINCT is designed to stay on the soil surface without volatilizing until the N can be incorporated into the ground either with a ½ inch of rain or mechanical incorporation,” he says.

In addition, the company says, INSTINCT is easy handling, noncorrosive and requires no special application equipment. “INSTINCT allows growers to apply the right amount of UAN or liquid manure and easily protect it from loss,” says Andrew Simeonidis, senior marketing specialist for Dow AgroSciences. The reduction of N leaching into groundwater and reducing denitrification — the escape of N into the atmosphere — supports environmentally beneficial farming practices.

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