Ethanol Vehicle Brochures Available

Ethanol Vehicle Brochures Available

The National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition’s updated 200 flexible fuel vehicle (FFV)/E85 (fuel containing up to 85% ethanol) brochure is now available. Ag retailers serving ethanol producers can stock up on this all-inclusive information piece.


The full-color, two-sided, five-panel brochure — expanded from the 2008 version — contains all the new 2009 vehicles available for purchase as FFVs, as well as information on corresponding VIN (vendor identification numbers) for the 2009 FFVs and all prior year FFV models

This critical information is important for consumers to reference in determining if their vehicles are designed to run on E85 and mid-level blends of ethanol. In addition, this brochure answers many of the frequently asked questions motorists have about E85.

E85 retailers, equipment suppliers, and ethanol producers are encouraged to stock up on this brochure by placing their orders online. If you are a member and would like to order the guide, click here. For non members, click here. To download a printable PDF order form, click here.

(Source: National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition)