Webinar Schedule

Webinar Schedule
CropLife hosts dozens of webinars each year. Below is a list of upcoming events, as well as archived presentations that can be viewed on demand. Plus, Certified Crop Advisors (CCAs) can earn CEUs by attending these webinars.


Pest Management to Minimize the Increase of Pesticide Resistance: Considerations for Weeds, Diseases and Insects

Thursday, Jun 4, 2020 | 2:00 p.m. ET

Approved for .5 CEU Credit in Crop Management

Hosted by the Take Action program, this webinar will focus on resistance in weeds, diseases and insects as well as what steps can be taken to reduce the impact of pesticide resistance. Carl Bradley from the University of Kentucky and Sally Taylor from Virginia Tech will speak on the threat of fungicide and insecticide resistance and what research they are doing to combat that threat. Christy Sprague from Michigan State University will speak on the materials Take Action has available to help with pest resistance as well as combat herbicide resistance. Brought to you by your soy checkoff.

Presented by Take Action
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Around the World in 45 Minutes: Navigating Disruption and Trade in Agrochemicals

May 27, 2020 | 2 p.m. ET

COVID-19. The China-U.S. trade war. The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Free Trade Agreement. The “New Syngenta.” These are some of the critical topics that will directly impact the crop protection chemical supply chain in 2020 and beyond. Jim DeLisi, expert in international trade issues and President of Fanwood Chemical, will answer your questions on these global events, including updated timelines, products affected, and potential outcomes. He will also offer advice on what you should and shouldn’t do, in this special CropLife-AgriBusiness Global webinar event.

Presented by CropLife and AgriBusiness Global
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CropLife 2020 State of the Industry Webinar

Now on Demand! Original Air Date: April 29, 2020

Approved for 0.5 CEU Credit in Professional Development

Even though 2020 is only a few months old, the year has already been one for the history books. Already facing such key issues as the trade dispute with China and lawsuits targeting crop protection products, the entire world is now dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and its effects.

To help those in the agricultural community stay informed on these and other developments, CropLife magazine, with sponsorship from UPL, will host a webinar in late April. This “state of the industry” will attempt to look at many of the key topics facing today’s ag industry and consider what paths might be followed by ag retailers and their grower-customers to successfully navigate this year’s challenging growing season.

Taking part in this webinar will be three industry experts: Amy Asmus, Co-Owner of Asmus Farm Supply, Rod Wells, an executive at GROWMARK and the acting Chairperson for the Agricultural Retailers Association, and Michael Gomes of Topcon.

Sponsored by UPL
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Your Farm Data: Where Is It and Who Has Access?

Now on Demand!  Original Air Date: March 24, 2020

Recent concerns over data sharing and use have put a spot light on the work the Agricultural Data Coalition (ADC) has been doing for the past few years. Many farmers likely have questions and concerns about what is happening with their data as planting season is rapidly approaching. To help shed light on these concerns, we have pulled together people from various parts of the ag data industry to share their expertise. This webinar will discuss what technologies like API’s are and what ag tech company partnership agreements generally mean for a farmer. We hope to give farmers a better understanding of points to consider when signing up with agriculture technology services so they are positioned to control their data in an ever changing marketplace.

Presented by the ADC
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Are All Phosphorus Sources Created Equal?

Now on Demand!  Original Air Date: January 23, 2020

Approved for 0.5 CEU Credit in Nutrient Management

In this webinar, Curt Woolfolk, senior agronomist with The Mosaic Company, will explore the differences in phosphorus sources, including a brief history on dry granular phosphate production and the features and benefits of newer options that contain multiple nutrients. Woolfolk will also share results and insights from recent small-plot trials, which compared traditional phosphate sources and blends against a co-granulated phosphate source. Example calculations for phosphorus return on investment (ROI) will also be shared to help you work with your growers to calculate their best options.

Presented by The Mosaic Company
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The Design, Management and Cleaning of Bulk Tanks

Now on Demand!  Original Air Date: December 17, 2019  

No one wants to deal with an accident at their facility. Making sure your pesticide containers are of the right design, properly maintained, cleaned and inspected regularly for leaks or weaknesses is the way to avoid problems.  Learn best practices and EPA requirements for inspecting and cleaning your pesticide containers.

Presented by Syngenta

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PGRs and Plant Nutrition – A Season-Long Approach to Maximizing Yield

Now on Demand!  Original Air Date:  December 10, 2019 

Approved for .5 CEU Credit in Crop Management

Biostimulants and plant growth regulators are getting a lot of attention in the marketplace. Farmers need to maximize their results on every acre. Learn how progressive farmers are managing their crops using plant growth regulators in combination with specific nutrients at critical crop stages from planting to harvest to break through yield barriers and realize greater yield potential. Participants will also gain a deeper understanding of the importance of managing the yield limiting effects of abiotic crop stress throughout the season.

Presented by Stoller
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How Ag Retailers Can Gain a Competitive Advantage By Using the Most Up-To-Date and Accurate Data

Now on Demand!  Original Air Date: October 22, 2019
Approved for .5 CEU Credit from CCA in Professional Development

In a time where farmers are constantly inundated with marketing materials and product offers, your ability to present them with the right product at the right time is crucial to maximizing your marketing and sales effectiveness. This starts with having the clearest picture of the farmer and their operation–as well as the agriculture market as a whole–which is only possible through accurate, comprehensive, detailed and current data.

Hear from Farm Market iD CEO Steve Rao the types of objective data that are available to the market; the benefits of using this data; how to identify key market opportunities for agribusiness strategy; customize your marketing messaging to highly differentiated market segments; engage in productive, informed sales conversations; and align your revenue team toward growth while better and more effectively serving the American farmer.

Presented by Farm Market iD

Changing the Farmgate Conversation

NOW ON DEMAND  |  ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Wednesday, July 17, 2019               

Growers today have more options than ever before to secure needed crop inputs for the upcoming growing season. With current margins thinner than ever before, a crop input supplier must find a way to differentiate themselves on something other than price. Growers make many agronomic decisions throughout the year that will impact overall field or farm profitability, and most growers struggle to quantify impacts of these decisions.

This presentation will demonstrate how agronomic decisions impact the ROI of a field by using the data the growers collect today. How different is the conversation with the grower when you can show them ROI of your products instead of the price of your products?  Let’s talk ROI instead of bags, gallons and tons!

Presented by EFC Systems

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Creating a Digital Connection with your Customers


Approved for .5 CEU Credit in Precision Ag

The industry continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, creating more competition in and more demand for farm management solutions that are easy-to-use, offer real support, and generate measurable results. Integrating innovative digital agronomic tools into your business gives you the opportunity to increase service revenue and create more value for your customers’ farm operations. Join the webinar to learn how to better support your customers and increase the profitability of your business through advancements in digital agriculture.

Presented by Farmers Edge

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Tariffs and Global Crop Protection: What’s Next in the U.S.-China Trade War?


The escalating trade battle between the two economic superpowers is reverberating throughout the crop protection chemical supply chain. Get your questions answered about the timelines, products affected, and potential outcomes in this special CropLife-AgriBusiness Global webinar event.

“Tariffs and Global Crop Protection: What’s Next in the U.S.-China Trade War?” will feature crop protection expert Jim DeLisi of Fanwood Chemical, who will provide an insider’s perspective on the current and future impact of the tariffs and tips on managing through the weeks and months ahead.



Achieving Proper Bulk Containment for Pesticide Tanks at Repackaging Locations


Safety is of prime importance at repackaging locations. Having the correct types of containment units required for safe pesticide storage and transfer is essential for safe operation, especially in the case of a spill. Learn about the design requirements, proper anchoring and elevation of storage tanks, and best practices for maintaining containment units.

 Registration courtesy of Syngenta Crop Protection


Micronutrient Solutions that Improve Your Operations


Join Yara to learn more about the latest patented micronutrient application technology and how their solutions can significantly improve your operations, making them safer and cleaner,  and increase the return on your investment. The one-of-a-kind technology also delivers many benefits to growers, including increased micronutrient efficiencies to grow their best crop.

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