Pinnacle Agriculture Holdings

Rank: 6 (Previous Rank: 5)
456 Tennessee St.
Memphis TN 38103   
Phone: 662-843-3626
Fax: 901-290-2704
Organization Type: National or Regional Chain of Dealerships
Year Founded: 2012
Retail Outlets: 168
States Served: 27
Employees: 1500
2017 Revenue: More than $1 Billion
Revenue by input: Crop Protection: 46%, Fertilizer: 30%, Seed Care: 19%, Services: 5%

Pinnacle subsidiaries include Jimmy Sanders, Inc. Its mission is to create a best in class crop input provider in the U.S. Pinnacle will achieve this by acquiring strong retail businesses, attracting world class talent and implementing key technology to become the American farmer’s most trusted and efficient source of crop inputs. Pinnacle will provide growers with traditional as well as cutting edge technology in crop protection, seed, adjuvant, and plant nutrition by working with key R&D and generic suppliers. Pinnacle will partner with these suppliers to determine the best solutions for growers across the country.