Green Valley Agricultural

Rank: 85 (Previous Rank: 83)
1250 - 146th Ave.
Wayland MI 49348   
Phone: 616-891-0075
Fax: 616-891-0311
Organization Type: Independent Local Dealership
Year Founded: 1989
Retail Outlets: 4
States Served: 1
Employees: 50
2017 Revenue: $26-$50 million
Revenue by input: Crop Protection: 20%, Fertilizer: 55%, Seed: 19%, Custom Application: 6%

Since its inception, Green Valley has proven its commitment to agricultural production. Green Valley services its clients with the best Custom Application Personnel and Equipment available. Green Valley has also invested heavily in assets to support farmers in Southwest Michigan.  Green Valley now operates retail farm service centers in Caledonia, Hamilton, Bangor and West Olive.  Green Valley is positioned to provide the best customer service in West Central Michigan and has capabilities to continually serve new clients without compromising service quality to existing clients.