Butte County Rice Growers

Rank: 65 (Previous Rank: 62)
1193 Richvale Highway
P.O. Box 128
Richvale CA 95974   
Phone: 530-882-4261
Website: https://bucra.com/
Organization Type: Cooperative
Year Founded: 1914
Retail Outlets: 3
States Served: 1 (CA)
Employees: 76
Agricultural Retailers Association Member: Yes
2023 Revenue: $66-$100 million
Revenue by input: Crop Protection: 54%, Fertilizer: 45%, Seed: 1%, Custom Application: 0%

Butte County Rice Growers Association was founded in 1914 by 30 farmers who felt the need to have combined representation in marketing their rice.  Since that humble beginning over a century ago, BUCRA has grown into a company of more than 400 growers, multiple lines of business including Seed, Supplies, Drying/Storage, and Marketing.